Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cleveland march against police brutality

Published Oct 28, 2007

More than 100 angry, impassioned people marched along Cleveland’s Luke Easter Park and rallied in the parking lot of the Cleveland Police 4th District building against police brutality on Oct. 22.

While family members told of the killings of their loved ones, they turned and looked right up at the very police, watching from the rooftop balcony, who represent the source of their losses.

One speaker was the grandmother of Brandon McCloud, who at 15 was shot multiple times in his bedroom closet in her house. Other family members spoke of Jena 6-type scenarios of long prison sentences for young men of color innocent of any wrongdoing.

Others had died in police custody in that very building. At the end of the rally, the crowd marched into the police lobby, first silently, then singing, chanting, and praying. Everyone there vowed to build a movement for justice.

—Report and photo by Sharon Danann

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