Thursday, February 17, 2011

Theft of the Commons

A deceptive term like "austerity program" which makes us feel like sacrifice must be shared equally even when the problem was and is always caused by the private sector, must be ignored by the majority of low and mid-income citizens and "theft of the commons" inserted in its place. The term was recently (ab)used by the compromised Democratic Governor Jerry Brown in regards to his "slash and burn" budget proposal. So much for a party of the people/labor, eh?

Just like in Oregon, corporations who want to make profits in CA should be advised that they will have to pay their fair share in taxes. If this leads to corporations leaving the state, we can rest assured that there are many, many smaller companies ready to pony up for a shot at our citizen/consumers. The same increased tax rate should hold for the extremely wealthy who desire to live here. This would EASILY solve CA's budget problem without starving more women and children.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Armchair Dispatch From A Sympathizer With The Egyption Revolution

The word from the ground in Cairo following Mubarak's address to the nation is a bit confused. Early reports today held that the military was making coordinated moves for a transition of power, leading the street to believe that Mubarak had seen the light and was about to abdicate. Spirits were high all day with the opposition groups convinced that the army was on their side, which would make peaceful change much easier. After the president's speech, however, which was the very picture of entitled, arrogant power, the street is absolutely enraged, leading some to predict violent overthrow is deliberately being provoked in order to justify a violent state clampdown in return. There is talk of a march on the nearest military base to insist that the army declare their unity with the people.
Labor across the nation has been on strike for 5 days, virtually shutting down the entire economy. The demands are very clear and simple - Mubarak is out and Suleiman will not be accepted, his having had a large hand in the US "extraordinary rendition" program which essentially outsourced illegal torture tactics for prisoner interrogations. The president seems to be quite out of touch, telling the youth to "go home".
Who allowed this speech to occur? If, in fact, the military sides with the opposition groups, wouldn't they have prevented this state-sponsored and clueless address?  To this viewer, it appears that the street may lose patience and make some ill-advised moves if their chosen leadership doesn't strongly make the case for continued coordinated organization.