Friday, January 12, 2007

Alternet Investigative Journalist Mentioned On House Floor Regarding Iraqi Oil Theft By BushCo International

While the agenda favored by the democrats in their first 100 hours leaves a lot to be desired (Cutting off funding for Iraqi occupation now, national health care, stripping corporations of "personhood", true election reform, etc.), the atmosphere does seem to be getting quite warm regarding the level of bullshit seen in the last 6 years and the intent to deflect further defecations from the White House. Here, Representative Jim McDermott of Washington speaks to the fact that investigative journalism is not dead, but exists online, alive and very well. He cites a report from Joshua Holland, Alternet reporter and friend of GetOffThis! as evidence. Mr. Holland broke the story about the impending usurpation (production "sharing" agreement) of Iraqi oil fields. Check it, babies!--Pete

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