Thursday, September 25, 2008

While you were away...

Here it comes campers. In case you were too baffled by the complexities of the coming merger between the state and the financial sector, we have some more old-fashioned, Bush administration saber-rattling for those of you so inclined. Please pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain.

While I have been referring to the nationalization of the lending industry as socialism for the wealthy, which to some extent it is, the strict definition of a state-corporate nexus is fascism. Many have a hard time with the word because of its association with The National Socialist Party of Germany - The Nazis. It has more connotations than the references to the Third Reich or Mussolini's National Fascist Party, since Il Duce initially coined the word to describe the cooperation of industry and state codified into law.

What we are witnessing now in the meeting rooms of DC and Wall Street is, in fact, the final stage of incorporating a fascist state, a project that has been ongoing for decades. Those for whom this is the fruition of their wettest dreams dance in their closets for the total elimination of any regulation whatsoever. Government oversight will be touted in the corporate media as quaint and unnecessary, when those of us paying attention have seen that the exact opposite is true time after time after time. It will be interesting to watch the weak and futile protests of the Democratic Party before they allow and even expedite this plan into law. Just try to find any mention of the many thousands of homeowners and other debtors who are literally dying on the vine. Their concerns are less than secondary to those of the suddenly endangered wealthy. Who cares about those irresponsible defaulters, anyway?

In the midst of all this, however, we have the Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, giving it her all to distract us from the historic devastation of the US - and by extension - global economies. In a speech touted by the State Department as an important statement on relations with Russia, she rattles BushCo's saber toward Moscow, saying that its objectives have put it on a path to "self-imposed isolation and international irrelevance" - a daring move that must have taken quite a bit of practice to pull off convincingly, since it is in fact the US that totters down this very path.

For those who've been watching, this is in reference to what the entire corporate media calls "Russia's bloody invasion of Georgia". While Moscow did indeed invade Georgia and continues its occupation of it, the initial "attack" was a response to Georgia's feeble but equally bloody attacks on South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Russian protectorates now recognized as independent nations. Georgia's plan to re-annex the territories, once integral parts of Georgia before the dissolution of the USSR, originated within the CIA and Israel in cooperation with the US-puppet government of Georgia. The plan to provoke Moscow to protect its sovereign states seems to have worked perfectly and now the illegitimate Bush administration, along with its corporate media mouthpieces, get to scold Russia for its murderous "aggression", while never once mentioning the acts of aggression that originally provoked the response. The more things change...

It now seems that BushCo wants to ramp up old enmities between our respective nations. Ms. Rice actually had the audacity to say that the emerging picture "is that of a Russia increasingly authoritarian and aggressive abroad". Damn, that took cojones, huh? Didn't even look at the floor or flinch once! Quite impressive.

No telling where all this casting of aspersions will lead just yet, since the Russian media simply laughs at the utter hypocrisy of Washington's positions. Doubt they're going to find it funny for long, though. Can't say that I blame them.

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