Thursday, April 10, 2008

Judge ok's examination of voting machines Sequoia didn't want checked

These are the same brand of machines that will be used in the Pennsylvania primary

DIANE C. WALSH, STAR-LEDGER, NJ Subpoenas were issued in six New Jersey counties today, demanding that officials turn over for testing all voting machines where discrepancies were found in the presidential primary tallies. . . Activists trying to persuade Superior Court Judge Linda Feinberg that electronic voting machines should be discarded succeeded in convincing her that examining these counties' machines is critical to their case.. . . Clerks in the six counties uncovered discrepancies in 60 machines when they doubled check the vote tallies after the Feb. 5 presidential primary.

Sequoia maintained the errors found in the presidential primary were due to poll workers pushing the wrong buttons on the control panels. The company resisted calls for independent testing of the machines.

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