Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina Conspiracy Unveiled!

Remember Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson post-9/11, placing the blame for the attacks at the feet of lesbians and witches?

Well, the wacko christianists [note: I use christianist to denote those whose beliefs cannot even remotely be considered a derivative of Jesus' teachings] have gone high tech.

Using images of Hurricane Katrina supplied by NOAA [and I suppose that agency's name is a coincidence, right?], the Columbia Christians for Life [of replicating cells and not, apparently, of hurricane victims...] have found satellite-assisted proof that this hurricane was the direct result of the area's abortion clinics.

The group claims that the red and orange parts of the image [upper left] closely resemble fetal images used in pro-life visuals. Their dispatch ends with these words of support for those being washed away, without food, and facing the unimaginable task of rebuilding their lives: "God's message: REPENT AMERICA!"

Um, thanks.

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