Friday, May 11, 2012

Obama Comes Out In Favor Of Gay Marriage, Antebellum-Style

P. Stanislaw 

Before I get to what's on my mind, let me just say that of all the issues related to LGBT rights or the lack thereof, the ones that the corporate media seem to think are most important are military service and marriage. We don't seem to mind letting them lead the cultural and societal conversation by limiting the discussion to these two issues - well most of us, anyway. I'd like to say that it has always been my fervent hope that my LGBT friends would lead the way toward the eradication of such antiquated institutions - one, a glorified celebration of conquest, carnage, genocide and domination - the other, essentially a license to co-own another's "being".

That said, let me say that the smug satisfaction being displayed by the Obamanauts regarding his "coming out" in favor of gay marriage is ridiculous, since he wiggled his way out of it by asserting "states' rights". Really? Civil rights don't come under the purview of the federal gov't anymore? Since when? Didn't we have a li'l dust-up regarding this somewhere in the 1860's. Yes, I believe we did. States are NOT allowed to dictate preferred civil rights or repeal them once conferred. Our great Hope for Change uttered an utter absurdity and we all fall to our knees over another "historic" event! Somebody shoot me, please...a Democratic graduate of Harvard Law should definitely know better.

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