Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What I Learned From the Health Care Debate

Making them want to...


So this is what I learned from the last weekend of the health care reform

First, lay a coffin at a White House fence and you're subject to arrest.

Spit and yell abuse at members of the Black Caucus as they enter the
Capitol and you'll be left in peace. The same goes for screaming epithets
at Barney Frank.

If you're going to mass half a million strong for immigration reform,
don't expect coverage on CSPAN when they're covering live events in and
around Capitol Hill -- not if there are hundreds of epithet throwers
somewhere close to cover.

And I learned that after all, it has to be said, some Democrats do have
spine. Unfortunately the rest could take some lessons in how to negotiate
from the teeny weeny criminalize-abortion caucus and Rep. Bart Stupak.

Finally I learned that Nancy Pelosi is one hell of a house leader. She
really can corral a majority when she wants. In fact, she and President
Barack Obama can be really persuasive, when they want to be.

So let's not hear any more bunk about the impossibility of the
aforementioned immigration reform, or repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell, or
actually coming up with some real financial regulation.

They can do it when they want to.

The one thing that remains a mystery is how to make them want to. If you
don't have a mountain of cash, that is.

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