Thursday, January 01, 2009

Obama on the Gaza Massacre: "No Comment".

Excerpted and paraphrased from Wajahat Ali, Counterpunch

President-elect Obama remains inappropriately quiet on the hell that Israel rains down on Gaza with the implicit approval of BushCo, but earlier this summer he endorsed Israel's right to defend itself against Qassam rockets by stating,
"If someone were sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I would do anything to stop it.”
One wonders, however, if President elect Obama’s principles of safety, dignity and self defense apply to Palestinians as well? If Obama and President Bush’s daughters were forced to suspend their emergency hospital operations due to fuel shortages, beg for 300 essential medicines, drink contaminated water that causes malnutrition and anemia in children, eat bread made of animal feed, and renounce electricity because their main power plant was forced to shut down, what would they do?


  1. Egypt Blames Hamas For Violence in Gaza

    Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit has made a public statement of Egypt's assessment of where the blame for the current Gaza conflict resides and blame is being placed with Hamas and it's leadership.
    Egypt's foreign minister said on Thursday that Hamas must ensure rocket fire stops in any truce deal to halt Israel's assault on the Gaza Strip, criticizing the Palestinian group for giving Israel an excuse to launch the bombardment.
    The problems Gheit appears to be referencing would be the daily Kassam rocket and mortar attacks which Hamas has allowed, encouraged and supported on the towns of Southern Israel. He criticized Hamas, saying Egypt had seen "the signals that Israel was determined to strike Hamas in Gaza for the past three months. They practically wrote it in the sky."
    "Such an outspoken complaint from Egypt to Hamas signals a significant deterioration in the working relationship between the Militant Hamas and Moderate Egypt.
    While the Hamas leadership was safely tucked away in bunkers, the Hamas leadership had left the rank and file security personnel, police and public to their own devices and to protect themselves.
    "Where are the Hamas leaders now, when the residents of Gaza are getting killed? All of Hamas's leadership is in bunkers," stated Muhammad Bassiouny

  2. Yes, of course it it the fault of Hamas that Israel has blocked Gaza for over a year, trying to squeeze out a democratically elected government. Over the last 7 years, until last Saturday, only 17 Israeli civilians had been killed by crude, homemade Hamas rockets, fired in retaliation against an illegal Israeli blockade of food, medicine and energy. Shall we count the Palestinian civilians killed by Israeli rocket fire over the same period?

    Wake up!