Thursday, November 27, 2008

And he's not even in office yet...

Well, campers, it looks like the constant and vigorous web log vetting of President-elect Obama's choices for administration positions is beginning to have an effect. The torture-defending former head of The Counterterrorism Center John Brennan has withdrawn himself for consideration for the position of CIA director or Director of National Intelligence (redundant systems, eh?). He stated that he didn't want to be a distraction since rumors of his possible appointment started a firestorm in liberal/progressive blogs due to his association with BushCo detention and rendition policies. Mr. Brennan has repeatedly condoned harsh interrogation tactics on terror suspects, including waterboarding, which is plainly torture.

While Brennan asserts that he has always been critical of these policies, he is on record as defending them at length. Left-of-center bloggers such as Andrew Sullivan, Digby and Glenn Greenwald have been instrumental in pointing out these documented facts.

As long as we keep the pressure on, we may be able to avoid major mistakes like the retention of Robert Gates (are you fucking kidding me?! Look out, Afghan citizens!) as Defense Secretary. Let's all try our level best to hold him to his word. Use his web site to propose changes that you would like to see made, such as green-collar job creation and national healthcare.

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