Saturday, October 18, 2008

Re: Capitalism commits suicide

Dear campers,
This is not the usual minor collapse of free-market theology rectifiable by a simple media-generated confusion of the populace with unimaginable numbers and scenarios while the architects of the latest economic rape reap ever more. Capitalism has finally destroyed itself . The International Monetary Fund has warned of "systemic meltdown". This is the end of corporate capitalism in so many ways.

The captains will be reaping the shit out of the system before they're slapped on the wrist in public. They will certainly get what's rightfully theirs, true-believer capitalistas to the end. Their continuing rape of the masses is already recently documented history.

I mentioned a new New Deal in my last malediction but have just downloaded Mike Davis's interview regarding why this isn't a relevant solution in this age so I'm going to listen. Realize that whatever solution is actually implemented, it will be called the New New Deal - guaranteed. We are obsessed with labels.

With barely restrained glee, tempered by fear and sympathy for the poor,

(a letter that I recently sent to Dad)
PS - I'll get back to you after the Mike Davis interview.

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