Saturday, July 12, 2008

So Much For The Fourth Amendment...

Well campers, the fourth amendment to the Constitution of the United States has been trashed. The passage of the FISA bill - complete with retroactive telecom immunity for their illegally handing over our private information to the NSA on a request from the illegitimate Bush administration - has set a legal precedent of monstrous proportion. Your privacy - one of those natural rights retained by the people and protected by the ninth amendment - has been canceled in our representative government's rush to totalitarianism. Mourn the death of the republic and fly the black flags of anarchy as a firm statement of intent. There are those of us who need to start by turning off their consensus-manufacturing devices.

All of us who held out hope that the elections of November '06 would turn the tide of tyranny, corruption, lies and mass-murderous foreign policy in what remains of the republic have had their hopes dashed repeatedly, and some have had their intuitions confirmed that the U.S. political system is a complete sham. Those elected serve their biggest campaign contributors - period. Even constant pressure from constituents doesn't work, if those constituents aren't "pioneer-level" donors. Congress is nothing but a brothel and all of our elected legislative officials are whores. Am I being too hyperbolic? I think not, considering all the empirical evidence.

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