Thursday, February 28, 2008

Was Montel Williams Kicked Off the Air for Criticizing Fox News? [VIDEO]

Ya know, ya talk about the craven, corporate consolidation of the media, and ya have to endure people saying that it's no big deal if they're all owned by fewer and fewer mega-national defense contractors (4!!!), and then a celebrity speaks the truth on television and he has his 17-year-old show canceled. Coincidence? I think not.--Pete

By Manila Ryce, The Largest Minority
Posted on February 2, 2008

After 17 years on the air, Montel Williams was canceled for speaking out against Fox's choice of news coverage. When asked his opinion of Heath Ledger's death, Williams turned the tables and asked why Fox, or any corporate media station for that matter, is not giving as much time to the 28 soldiers who died in January. Montel has 22 years of military service under his belt. If any television host is entitled to comment on casualties of war, it's him.

The sphincters of the hosts were clearly tightening, and Montel consequently did not return after the commercial break for a second segment. Then, just 4 days after he insulted Fox News by insisting that they support the troops and give them more coverage, a number of stations owned by Fox decided against renewing his show for another year. It was a rather heavy-handed punishment even Sylvia Brown didn't see coming, but was done to send a clear message. Send one of your own to Fox here.

h/t to Robert Ruszkowski, Director of Social Media/Virtual Outreach for the Kucinich Campaign, for the video.

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