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African-American Worker Wakes Up To Find White Co-Workers With Noose Around His Neck [VIDEO]

By Cliff Schecter, Brave New Films
Posted on November 30, 2007
It's a damn good thing that racism is dead, otherwise this might be just another incident - like Jena, Illinois - showing that it is most definitely still alive and sick.--Pete

This post, written by Cliff Schecter, originally appeared on Cliff Schecter's Brave New Films Blog

Yes, this is as sickening as you thought it was when you read the title.

If this is true--and I have no reason at this time to believe it isn't--it is just example number 157,000 of how right-wing, think-tank-welfare-babies like Dinesh D'Souza are complete and utter morons.

Yeah, racism is dead pal. Oh, and you actually earned the palacial mansion that encapsulates your brain-dead corpus in the suburbs of San Diego. That's true too.

In fact, maybe Republican State Senator and immigration/race philosopher Denny Altes from Fort Smith Arkansas would have something to say about this?:

"We are where we were with the black folks after the revolutionary war. We can't send them back and the more we p *** them off the worse it will be in the future. So what do we do," the e-mail states. "I say the governor needs to try to enforce the law and sign the letter of understanding... and at least we can send the troublemakers back. Sure we are being overrun but we are being outpopulated by the blacks also. What is the answer, only time will tell."

What say you, Mr. Altes? Perhaps you can re-segregate Central High?

This is what we're still dealing with in 2007 folks. This gentleman was working on a rig off the coast of Louisiana, and takes a nap. He wakes up with a noose around his neck and three white workers standing over him. They say it was a "prank."

Now that's comedy! Perhaps they can use it to bring back the Fox Half Hour Comedy Hour or whatever that crappy show was called.

In any case, this gets better. The victim tells his bosses at Noble Drilling (of Houston, call them and send your regards), and they fired him for "sleeping on the job." It was during his break. God forbid workers take one of those.

Now he's suing them. Let's hope, against all odds, Noble takes it in the gut.

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